Humberto Coelho Neto e Silva, is a humanitarian leader, creator of the Hepatitis Zero project, that aims to mobilize more than two hundred countries around the world to the detection, treatment, vaccination and prevention of Hepatitis, finally leading to the complete eradication of the disease.


Humberto is the founder and the world president of the R.A.G (Rotarian Action Group) for Hepatitis Eradication. This project targets the global eradication of all forms of Viral Hepatitis.


Mr Silva is also the author of the book Hepatitis Zero - a quest to save half a billion people - that is being published in various languages and gives the background on this project and details its objectives for eliminating Hepatitis globally.


At 4th august Humberto was awarded with the Honorary Citizenship of São Paulo, for his services and philanthropic work at the benefit of the people of the state's capital City of São Paulo - Brazil 





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"The Corona Zero project came from ABPH, which sought Rotary's partnership to reach as many communities as possible in the country. The project was presented by the director of Rotary International, Mário César Martins de Camargo.

Fonte: https://www.correiodopovo.com.br/not%C3%ADcias/geral/projeto-corona-zero-testar%C3%A1-moradores-e-funcion%C3%A1rios-de-asilos-do-rio-grande-do-sul-1.427447

The global group of Rotarians in action, RAG, aims to make the Hepatitis Zero project achieve the same thing that Rotary has managed to do with Polio: to pressure governments from around the world and collaborate with them in health campaigns, mobilizing society through testing, so that countries can achieve the 2030 target.

A campaign to combat coronavirus contamination in nursing homes across Brazil. The project already involves Rotary clubs from all states of Brazil, with more than 2,200 registered institutions, and more than 300,000 people to test.

The Countdown Hepatitis Zero 2030 has been launched, and Rotary International President, Holger Knaack, encourages Rotarians to participate.

"Silva, says that the project intends to take advantage of the volunteers and the capillarity of Rotary throughout Brazil to carry out the tests." With Rotary, we managed to reach the health secretary of a municipality, for example. "Among the members, Rotary has been campaigning for local clubs to "adopt asylums" to implement the testing project "

Fonte: https://www.bbc.com/portuguese/geral-53101361

The joint work, uniting Rotary and ABPH in this nationwide health campaign, resulted from the partnership that Rotary International director José Ubiracy Silva signed with ABPH president, also Rotarian Humberto Silva

The testing program focused on mass isolation in asylums came about by evaluating that, in the United States and Europe, "there was an abandonment of asylums".

Rotary may, with a reasonably small project, have a positive impact of 20% to 40% in the total number of deaths (helping to avoid them).

Fonte: https://coronazero.com.br/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwg8n5BRCdARIsALxKb97lgNoJSvYmqB9nZkx3yJtl_iDyijLoWwGTtOC_a29yqGGKEnuJj4EaAu8LEALw_wcB


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