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Human Rights

Hepatitis issue is not only an epidemic problem , but it is a Human rights violation that affects over 400 mllion people in the world..

Albeit countries have committed to eliminated it , not only 10 % of them are on track for combating the disease , starting by the screening of the infected.

The disease is not something that pops us, here and there, all the time, but rather it is practically stagnated on a group of victms tht represent a significant percentage of each country's population (there are some countries with over 20 per cent of the population being infected).

Humberto Silva - Rotary

Humberto Silva and his Hepatitis Zero team defy the countries to screen the population, using a very cheap and convenient, point of care test, that can save thousands and thousands of lives, by letting them know they are carrying a "Silent Killer".

But many countries have denied the permission for Silva and the Hepatitis Zero team and the Rotarians to enter with the rapid test for the population.

Some countries confiscated the tests, some others refused their entry, some even sent police force, curbing the perfomance of the humanitarian act.

The Right to know is a basic human right, especially when it concerns one's health, one's life.

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